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Sharing food

It can be difficult to find fulfillment in the digital world, where we increasingly come across only what aligns with our existing beliefs.
For all of us, the key to a brighter future lies in sharing more moments face-to-face in the real world, without prejudices and technology that make us picky, busy, and disheartened.

At Plates, we aim to be the answer to what we all long for—presence and community. We love creating cherished memories for our guests, even forming new friendships and connections as we gather around the table to share food, opinions, and the present moment. We savor the company and reflect on the spirit of the times, the weather, the wine, the hopes, and the dreams.

We named ourselves Plates because we want to establish a place that formalizes the concept of sharing dishes, with a taste of seasonal ingredients and inspiration from French and Italian cuisine. 
You’ll sense an unwavering commitment to culinary quality and an ambition to turn perception into a curiosity that has yet to be awakened.
Plates on the table filled with honest and informal food, meant for sharing, make conversations flow and encourage us to taste everything.
All served with a smile by staff and restaurateurs who are passionate about collecting experiences and creating a unique atmosphere in the finest way.

Our wine list may not be extensive, but there’s surely something for every taste, filled with all our favorite wines from France and Italy.
We love wine, but we also embrace mindful drinking, offering a wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages and wines.

Our Cocktail Bar takes charge both before and after dinner, offering Classic and Innovative Cocktails and Mocktails. We love turning on the disco ball and inviting everyone to dance and celebrate with an atmosphere that tastes like liberating carefreeness and an imminent reunion.

For all of us, the future looks brighter when we share more, with more people. In fact, we firmly believe that those who share, receive more—a saying we translate into most of what we do at Plates.
Therefore, we have chosen to be an affordable restaurant where there is room for everyone, both with small and large gestures.

“Tomorrow, it all settles in. Not merely in the body, but within a well-nourished soul that finds contentment.

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