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Restaurant & Cocktailbar

At Plates, we share food …

For all of us, the future looks brighter, if we share more with more people.
In fact, we believe that those who share get more; a little saying,
that we try to translate into everything we do at Plates.
For example, our menu is divided into two options:

Option no. 1: Let the head chef put together a sharing menu, that “travels around” the entire kitchen. The philosophy is that the food should bring a taste and experience, so that each plate will start a lively conversation.

Option no. 2: The whole table can choose and pick between greens, meat, poultry, shellfish, fish and sweets. In both cases, it ends with a steady flow of informal and honest comford food for sharing.

In the bar, everything can happen! We always share new experiments in the bar menu and we love to pop a bottle of champagne or shake a well-known classic.

In other words: we have created Plates to be the perfect place for every kind of gathering, whether it is just the 2 of you having a romantic evening or you and your friends or family having a party.

We make a virtue of creating room for every kind of visit and intimate and caring moments. The atmosphere at Plates is entirely its own, and it is our ambition to be a small and cozy restaurant family where everyone feels welcome.

A warm welcome to Plates

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